sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Bang, bang. You're dead

We really don't know how to valorate the things we have untill we lose them.
Look at your priorities before taking decisions because later you will repent. Well now if you prefer put before those things that you've just "get" than those that you really like, that's not my problem, it's yours. But the "I'm sorry" doesn't work at all.
Little things are what make your life have sense, these little things that you really don't mind untill you lose them and you realize that these things were there. If you lose all those important little things, you become nothing and at the end you're alone. That happens to you for selfish and egocentric, you can't think only in you, humility should be the base of the people, but unfortunately it isn't. You cannot come to the top with help from all those people who loves you and they encourage you in order that you continue forward, and then when you finally are in the top, you're an ungrateful person.

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